Network Attached Storage (NAS)

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Are you looking for a device to store your files that can be shared with all of your computers?

How about easy backup?  Private storage for some users that can't be accessed by others?  A NAS (Network Attached Storage) device may be your solution!  These are a great alternative to a full-blown file server that can be expensive and require costly administration.

Utilizing RAID (multiple drives), a NAS can suffer a drive failure (or multiple drive failures, depending on the configuration) and still access your data.  This protects you from losing your files in the event that a drive fails.  You can easily backup your NAS to an external hard drive for even more protection.

NAS devices come in several different sizes and configurations.  We can work with you to configure one to fit your needs.  In addition, for a fee, we can setup your NAS so it is ready to go when it arrives.  We will even help your configure your computers to access the shared folders on the NAS.

Why use a NAS and not upload files to the cloud?

The major drawbacks of storing files on the cloud are letting someone else hold all your files and expensive monthly subscription fees.  Graphic files are relatively large and that can be costly.

How about external USB drives?

Using a USB drive as file storage can be risky.   If you are not routinely backing up the data on your external drive, you are playing roulette with your files.  It is not a question of "if" your external drive will fail, but rather "when" it will fail.


Two (2) Drives
Protected from 1 drive failure
Smaller capacities
Less performance


Four (4) Drives
Protected from 1 drive failure
Larger capacities
Greater performance


Five or more (5+) Drives
Protected from 2 Drive Failures
Larger capacities
Greater performance

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