Flexi Subscriptions

What is Flexi SIGN?

Flexi SIGN & Print is the only all-in-one design, print and cut software for sign and print providers. With nearly 3 out of 4 shops using it, Flexi is the industry-standard for sign-specific design tools, RIP software, print-and-cut software, and direct vinyl cutting.

Flexi SIGN & Print makes it easy and affordable to learn. For new users, we make the learning curve as painless as possible by providing free Getting Started videos and an online help manual. Once you’re up and running, dive deeper into our Tips & Tricks video playlist, downloadable training DVD, or consider joining one of our hands-on training classes, tradeshows and partner facilities across the globe.

We offer Flexi in both traditional licenses (you own it) and new Flexi Subscriptions.  For a low, manageable cost, you can subscribe to Flexi on a monthly basis.

Flexi and SignBurst Graphic Design Computers are a perfect match.  Order Flexi with your next computer!

Own Flexi or Subscribe!

For those of you who would prefer to own Flexi (not subscribe), give us a call at (704) 209-4013 to order your license or upgrade today.

Flexi Designer


Upgrade from $495

Stand-alone Design Software
Complete sign and print designer
Full vector design
Full bitmap design
Easy text tools
Auto serialization
True shape nesting
Vinyl & PANTONE® color libraries
Save as PDF for  RIP Software
Laser engraver design application

Call to Order or Upgrade

(801) 710-3167

Flexi SIGN & Print


Upgrade from $795

Vinyl Cut and Print Production
Full-featured vinyl cutting
Full featured print production
All-in-one print-and-cut workflow
ICC Media Profiler
Drives 3 printers at once
Supports over 1,000 vinyl cutters

Call to Order or Upgrade

(801) 710-3167

Flexi Subscriptions

$29.99 / $49.95 per month

With 1 Year Commitment

Flexi is now more affordable than ever. SAi introduces the most complete design, RIP, vinyl cut and print & cut package in the industry, now with ongoing, automatic updates so you never fall behind.

  • Free phone and email support
  • All tools, features and add-ons
  • Small monthly operating expense
  • No large upfront cost
  • Always up to date