Flexi is the most complete sign design and print software available.  Flexi includes the ability to design, print, and cut within the same software suite. With a Flexi Subscription there are no hidden costs and you never pay extra for drivers or application tools. Your low monthly price includes everything you need. In addition, Flexi Subscriptions now feature free phone and email support as well as ongoing updates so you never fall behind.

SAi offers several different versions of Flexi Subscriptions, but the main two are Flexi and FlexiDESIGN.  The main difference being that Flexi is a “full-feature” software subscription and FlexiDESIGN is a “design-only” software subscription.  FlexiDESIGN does not come with Production Manager and will not output to printers and cutters.  Although, you can send designs from FlexiDESIGN to a workstation with Flexi installed (on the same network) and print and cut from that workstation.  This is a fantastic feature for shops that have several designers (FlexiDESIGN) that all send jobs to a single workstation (Flexi) that is connected to their printers and cutters.

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Flexi Subscription

$68.99 with 12 month commitment

Flexi is a complete design, print and cut solution.  It includes a powerful 64 Bit RIP Engine as well as a robust design component.  Flexi drives up to 5 printers and cutters simultaneously and includes features such as spot color mapping, true-shape nesting and banner finishing.

FlexiDESIGN Subscription

$31.99 with 12 month commitment

FlexiDesign is ideal for design-only workstations.  It easily edits vector, raster, and other image types.  FlexiDesign can send jobs to a remote Flexi Production Manager or other RIP software including Roland Versaworks and Mimaki Rasterlink.

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