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Computers for Graphic Design, Sign Design, and Vehicle Wrap Design

SignBurst graphic design computers are high-quality, reliable computer systems that excel in graphic design, including sign design, vehicle wrap design, and RIP software. We spend countless hours testing our hardware and settings in the software that you use to run your sign, vehicle wrap, or graphic design shop. In addition, we offer our customers unique industry-specific support throughout the life of their computer. Our relationships within the graphic design, digital printing, sign, and vehicle wrap industries allow us to design specialized computers that are a step above the rest.

Our focus is building computers for large-format graphic design and digital printing, especially sign design and vehicle wrap design. We focus on the same graphic design and RIP software that you depend on when designing digital graphics, digital prints, signs, and vehicle wraps (Adobe® Photoshop, Adobe® Illustrator, Flexi™, CorelDRAW®, Onyx®, etc). If you are working on large, layered, time consuming files, a SignBurst Graphic Design Workstation is going to make designing fun again!

Sign design and vehicle wrap design require specialized computers. Others may tell you they can build computer systems like us or support you like we can, but don't be fooled. Many graphic design, sign design, and vehicle wrap design shops have come to us after making the regretful and expensive mistake of buying a computer somewhere else, and in most cases, end up buying a SignBurst to get the job done right. Click to read more about us ...


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We not only sell Flexi and Flexi Subscriptions, we optimize our computers for better Flexi performance.

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Esigns digital prining   We started off getting one machine from SignBurst and that was enough to convince us that, due to the sheer volume we're printing every single day, we needed to start switching everything over. Since then, we've replaced all our other graphic computers with SignBurst systems just so we can keep up with the thousands of files we work with daily, and even purchased a file-storage system. That purchase allowed us to see SignBurst's dedication to their customers, as they went above and beyond, working with us to get it up and running so that we could better service our customers. - Esigns
Aurora Graphics graphic fills and backgounds   Your machines are so fast and reliable we currently use 5 of them here in our graphic design studio. And thanks again for the top-notch support... refreshing in a world where good service is seldom found. And by the way, your design computers ROCK! You should ship seatbelts with these machines! - Dave Dorsey, President, Aurora Graphics, Inc.
Mutoh large format printers   I have to admit, when I first saw one of Signburst's computers running Photoshop for vehicle wrap design at a trade show, I thought there was some trickery going on. I had never seen such large files open and process so quickly. I watched for about 20 minutes in awe as this system was working virtually in real time with huge files and many layers. We invited SignBurst to our demo room, and their computer RIP'ed files in seconds that took our inhouse system minutes, truly impressive. The time savings and increased productivity for these systems can greatly benefit any production environment. - Randy Anderson, Product Marketing Manager - Mutoh America Inc.
  Thanks again for the outstanding service. Don't know anyone else who would do what you do (besides me), especially on a Sunday! I couldn't imagine going to anyone else when I'm due for my next PC. - Pete Kouchis, VisuCom Signs & Graphics, Inc.
  Largest project to date, 100' long x 30' tall (File Size: 14.5G/31.2G)... Saving in background every 10 min and 50 undo's... Amazing machine (SignBurst Extreme), can't say enough good about it. Made this a 2 day design opposed to 2 weeks in pieces on anything else, and time is money... I guess the rip station is next on my list. - Chuck Wheeler - Amusement Wraps
Seven Sin Design   I recently purchased a SignBurst Inferno, after much resistance, and have been more than happy with its performance. I’m actually kicking myself for not getting one sooner, as the amount of time it saves me in opening, saving, and rendering files easily pays for the machine. I honestly feel like my productivity is doubled because I’m able to design things as fast as I can think them, without any down time which leads to distraction. Not to mention their ability to help with any tech questions and tailor your system specifically to your needs. Seriously top notch customer service! - Stephen Sinek, Seven Sin Design
Sign-A-Rama signs and graphics   SignBurst uses better components and are built specifically for the job at hand by someone who knows the sign industry. We have actually saved money by purchasing SignBurst Inferno computer. There has been less down time and our graphic designer reports much higher productivity because of the faster processing. We were so impressed that we soon added a SignBurst Blaze production computer. We are considering upgrading some of our older office/admin machines to SignBurst Flare models. To say that we recommend SignBurst would be an understatement. - Jack Homa, Signarama – Lakewood, Colorado
Sign-A-Rama signs and graphics   We bought an Inferno about two years ago. We equipped it with three 24" monitors and have increased production by a ton. I was amazed how fast Flexi loaded up... Not only does Signburst provide an outstanding computer, they also offer excellent customer service. Two weeks ago, our computer would not boot. i thought "Oh my God. Here we go we got a virus and we are done!". I called Casey and asked for his help. He spent 3 hours diagnosing the problem which had nothing really to do with his computer. He also cleaned a few things up on the computer that you get when you get "free" fonts or other things. I offered to pay him but he refused to charge me. In this greedy hungry world we live in it's good to have someone that stands behind an excellent product. I can't wait until we purchase our next one for me. Thanks Casey for all your help. I have recommended SignBurst to everyone that has asked me about our computer system. - Gene Schneider, Signarama-Norristown
Redeye Designs   We have purchased SignBurst computers for all our design and production staff. Their ability to handle large files allows us to design and produce graphics quickly and efficiently at resolutions that make the final products look head and shoulders above our competition. The resolution that our SignBurst SuperNova allowed us to maintain on the Coors Light Airstream Bus was amazing. Our finished products are what keep our customers coming back and referring us to others. Our SignBurst computers are a huge factor in our success. - Jim Gravlin, Redeye Designs
  Thanks for all your help! Your customer service is outstanding and goes beyond anything expected. The office is so happy with the purchase and so am I. Thank you. - Marlene, Twin State Signs
Graphx Central   The SignBurst Inferno we purchased has finished its first 30 days of production. Could not possibly be happier, for most duties... easily a 300% improvement over the not so old workstation it replaced. Flexi has ran better than ever... - Chad Snyder, Grafx Central Inc
Air Attack Signs   Thanks again for your help! I knew when we first talked about you building me a computer, you were the kind of company that would stand behind their product. Even though this wasn't a problem with the computer, but a vicious malware, you still supported me. Thanks for everything. I hope the next time we talk, it is not about a broken down computer. Have a Great 2013! - Jay Powell, Air Attack Signs
Gear Graphic and Sign   Due to a lightning strike we recently had to replace most all of our electronic equipment. We bought a SignBurst Inferno and software upgrades from SignBurst. We had to go to Windows 7 from XP, upgrade all of our software and set up a new network, so it was a bit of a project. The new design workstation is fantastic; it is absolutely perfect for our needs. The system is BUILT, set up, and works flawlessly, but what was invaluable to us is SignBurst's outstanding SERVICE before, during and after the sale. They have gone above and beyond to help us get everything up and running smoothly, including equipment and issues that were nothing to do with the products we purchased from SignBurst. All of this service was extremely pleasant, efficient and at our convenience. Casey's a true gentleman and an excellent supplier in an age where quality and service are not as common as one would hope. Once again the Inferno is sweet... worth every penny, and then some!

We really had a great experience with SignBurst, thanks again Casey! - Steve Geary, Gear Signs
Arizona Color Vehicle Wraps and Graphics   Great design and creativity are key in the vehicle wrap business. Your vehicle wrap design computers allow us to go that extra mile without spending the extra time. They are smoking fast and reliable. It's the competitive edge we need. Highly Recommended! - Jim McClure, Arizona Color Vehicle Wraps & Graphics
ProDezigns vehicle wraps and graphics   I highly recommend a Signburst computer to anyone looking to grow and increase their design business. Casey's support and knowledge in the industry are greatly demonstrated by the performance of his systems!! There are only so many hours in a day, and in this industry, "TIME IS MONEY!". Casey, I can't thank you enough.- Jimmy Wheat, Pro DeZigns Custom Vehicle Wraps
A & M Graphics   I have worked as a designer for vehicle wraps for over 7 years and my Signburst Inferno exceeds all expectations. It is a high quality, fast and reliable workstation and has out performed every other system I have worked with in the past. SignBurst knows how to build a computer for each person/company to fit their needs and provides excellent customer service as well. I would highly suggest any one of the SignBurst computers as a mainframe to a business' productivity. - Jeni Crawford - A&M Graphics
Icon Signs vehicle wraps and graphics   I've been quick to brag about your products and service in the past and will continue to do so. You have gone above and beyond what is required and that is greatly appreciated. It's a pleasure to do business with people who conduct themselves in such a professional manner. Thanks! - Thad Cunningham - Icon Signs

  Thank you so much for the last 2 design computers you built for us. I’m opening huge files in no wait time at all. You know your stuff and I highly recommend you to anyone in the wrap industry. Keep up the great work and your fine attitude in the way you deal with your customers. You’re a pleasure to deal with and we’ll be back. - Darcy Taylor, President, Xtreme Graphic Collections
  I need to let you know that getting a SignBurst Inferno built by your company was the best business investment I've made. Getting a system that will handle "sign design & graphic software" without choking all of the time or locking up is well worth the dollars spent. Over and above the "fast" machine, your total support on networking my equipment together was very much appreciated. Your patience, support, and networking suggestions on all of my equipment can't be matched from anywhere else.You really know what is needed for our business!! Many thanks, again. - Doug Swaser - Sideline Signs & Graphics LLC
  I'd like to begin with my sincerest thanks for all your help and patience. The computer you set us up with is everything you said it would be and more. It's lightning fast and very reliable, there is really no way to describe how much of a time saver it is until you begin to use it. We've had our system up for months and connected to our printers, cutter and router with absolutely no trouble what so ever. In a few more months I will be looking to upgrade our other design stations and I will absolutely get our next system from you. - Phil Ghi, Ghi Sign
Moonlight Auto Design   Thanks for the awesome computer! I have really appreciated all the time you have spent with me working out printer problems and Flexi. You are the greatest! I couldn't ask for better computer or tech help. I will always buy computers from you Casey! - Karen Hansell - Moonlight Auto & Designs
    Whether you are a photographer, graphic designer, sign designer, vehicle wrap designer, or multi-million dollar graphics corporation, we are dedicated to allowing you to design faster, get more done, and make more money. Graphic design, sign design, and vehicle wrap design are extremely tasking on your computer. Let us build you a SignBurst sign design computer, vehicle wrap design computer, graphic design computer, or RIP computer that is up to the task, without the guesswork and headaches usually associated with buying a new computer.


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